Expert Witness

MME (MME) provides trustworthy expert witness services to plaintiffs and defendants attorneys, insurance companies and private parties throughout central California. MME's thorough analysis, careful preparation, clear exhibits, and solid testimony have consistently produced favorable outcomes for his clients, typically avoiding costly trials.

MME is committed to working diligently to assist clients in a wide variety of legal matters, while offering their services at cost-effective rates. If you or your firm is in need of an experienced engineering consultant or expert witness, contact MME today for an initial consultation.

MME's past and current clients include law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies, cities, large corporations, and fellow engineers.

For details, please review our Qualifications under Our Firm.

We review damage calculations and technical documentation, and will provide timely identification of corrective measures for structural failures, errors and omissions, accidents, and disputes. When testifying, MME knows how to present highly-technical concepts in a manner that is persuasive and easily understood by clients, judges, and juries. MME employs the latest technology to illustrate complex ideas using explanatory computer models. We are professional civil engineers with decades of experience, making us both reliable consultants in case preparation and credible witnesses at trial.